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Least elegant way to remove those security tags

Least elegant way to remove those security tags

...and I didn't steal the pants, either

Introducing ChileCam™

Pot o' Dirt

Jaycraft.net proudly introduces chilecam™.  Not the chilecam... ChileCam™.

Why not the "chilicam" you ask? Well, someone else is already using that name.  I could use it myself, but I'd hate to have to sue them for implementing my idea before me.  Oh- and fouling up my google results (because these things are sought after right?)  Anyway, I thought I'd try growing some chili seeds I bought from Pepperjoe.com.  Yes, I'm not exactly rearing them in the best medium, but i figured i'd try what i had on hand for the first batch, and then pick up what's supposed to work better ;) I already have a few shoots of two of the four types i'm trying to grow.  I've got long red slims, hot lemons, 5 color marbles, and charlestons.  Actually, it just occurred to me i should pick up a milder variety for pickling and eating whole.  This weekend i'll find some small pots to transplant them into when the time comes.  If i'm really lucky maybe i'll have some home grown chilis sometime this- Wait, how long until these things bear fruit?

In the meantime, experience the watching-paint-dry-like experience of the ChileCam™...

Candy I Ate As A Kid

The Box

The Booty

My long-lost separated at birth twin sister Jojo™ sent me a box of candy from Candy You Ate As A Kid®.  There was a LOT of candy in the box!  I had to lay it all out and take a pic.  I've had most of this candy, some of it a long time ago- reminds me of Halloween booty from when i was... a couple decades younger.  There's nothing I like more than variety when it comes to food/candy.  I'll try not to finish it all in one night!

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