Over 500,000 Scoville units.


Random thoughts, misheard lyrics, & immature outbursts from a disintegrated mind

Frosted Icing

Bake from the box, ice from scratch damnit.

Squiggly Unrecognizable Meat Spew

Never bite into a chicken mcnugget and then look at it.

It's not a "Love Triangle"

The two women don't even know each other.  

What you're talking about is a "love angle".

In it or On it?

Ever notice how things are IN movies but ON TV shows?

The Myspace Race

The act of looking for the song widget right when the person's profile begins to load, so you can click the "pause" button before somebody's idea of "music" blasts through your computer speakers.  Extra points for not accidently hitting the play button for the 1% of people that don't have their song set to play automatically.

How To Choose A Washing Machine In My Apartment Complex

Find the one with the least amount of someone's hair in it.


Lovin' would be easy if your colors were like my dreams...


Sweater teeth - Drink a regular coke and then gnash your teeth together gently...  You'll see what I mean...

Falling Rocks

If you don't C sharp, then you'll B Flat.


You can do magic.

You can have anything that you desire.


And you know you're the one who can poot out the fire.

To read this note is a fool's folly.