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Apple and Intel, Two great tastes that… I mean… yeah…

Well, they’re finally here.. And just a month after I bought a PowerPC based iMac G5… I never saw it coming. After all the iMac G5 has

  1. A decent processor
  2. Not a G4 processor
  3. Was just released (just this morning Apple still said “the NEW iMac G5 on their front page!)

and I just didn’t think it would be updated so soon. So now I have to eat the difference between selling my iMac G5 and getting the new Intel version. Hey, I can’t respect a single core iMac when I could have a dual! Plus I really want to be able to do some convenient things as far as emulation is concerned… My iMac performs double duty as a software synth player for my studio, and as a general purpose web server, IM, email, etc box. It leaves my primary system open to do the heavy lifting running Digital Performer, games, or other cpu intensive stuff. Luckily, MOTU says on their page that they’ll have intel drivers for my MOTU 828 by the end of the month. They often take their sweet old time with software, so this was a pleasant surprise. I’m still waiting for MachFive 2.0, which I think they announced almost a year ago…

Also fresh & funky like a big fat monkey and tastes real good like an almond joy is the MacBook Pro. Nice specs, finally a dual processor portable to put mobile OS X back in the same league as Apple’s desktops. Let me join everyone else I’ve talked to and heard about in saying it’s the Worst Name Ever™. We grew up with “Powerbook”. “Powerbook” rolls right off the tongue. “MacBook Pro” smacks of something like “Tatung Ultra MP3 Player GZX-5000 512 Megabyte Sensation Pro” or some other nasty title ABA* would use. Oh well, I guess I’ll get used to it eventually. In other gripes, they axed the Firewire 800 port from it. IMO, they should get rid of Firewire 400 from all Macs and strictly use the safer and faster 800 ports.. After all, they’re backwards compatible with 400, and it’s “just like” Apple to ditch the old standards for the new…

* ABA - Anyone But Apple

To read this note is a fool's folly.