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Dreams and record sales

While talking to Randy Bandit last night on the phone,
I was noodling around with my home-hacked fretless bass, MM2.thumbnail
(yeah, i violated a MusicMan MM-2, ehh, except mine is black - more on that later) giving it the best Jaco workover someone with about 10 months of on and off bass dabbling possibly could. Anyway, that must have influenced the dream I had this morning before I woke up. In my dream, I was listening to Adore by Prince. But in the middle of it there was this big fretless bass solo. In my dream, I figured it must be his bass player (a woman who’s name didn’t come to me in my dream) that added the solo. Then, later in the dream, I was listening to How Does It Feel by D’Angelo, with Raphael Saddiq on bass… But in my dream Prince had written that song…

When I woke up, I had to find that version of Adore with the fretless bass solo, so I staggered to my iMac and the iTunes store to look for it. I found a ton of songs called “Adore” (including the Prince ones of course), then it occurred to me that I probably made up that version of the song in my dream… But then I remembered that it was played by his bassist in my dream, so i did a Google search for “prince female bass player”. The second hit turned out to be a page on Top Ten Female Bassists. First I scrolled through it and was upset when i didn’t see Me’Shell Ndegeocelloon the list, then I realized it was Top Fender Bassists (I just woke up, remember?)… Anyway I found her, Rhonda Smith is her name! Her CD,Intellipop, wasn’t available at iTunes- so I bought her CD via Amazon. I should get it by Friday. I hope it’s good :)

rhondaIpop.thumbnail (Uhh hey Rhonda, do you give bass lessons?)

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