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Switching to Sandvox

If you're one of the one people visiting my blog, you may notice a few visual changes.  I've decided to switch from using Wordpress, which is a server side blogging tool, to Sandvox by Karelia Software, a Mac application that runs, well, on a Mac.  I had thought about doing it in the past, and when David Young switched his blog from Movable Type to iWeb, I thought I'd make a similar move.


The advantages of using Sandvox over Wordpress are numerous.  Most importantly, I feel like I'll be able to post updates more frequently due to the greater ease of use Sandvox provides.  The application still seems to be a work in progress.  However, it has tons of potential.  I hope they release a 1.02 version soon that fixes some of the bugs with the media inspector and publishing.  After that, Karelia can kindly borrow some of iWeb's more versatile text positioning and formating tools :)

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