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The Wasp Who Loved Bass


Ok, so I’ve been blogging up a storm lately. I’ve been making all kinds of entries in that blog in the back of my head. So I decided to continue with something silly.

So I’m sitting at my computer desk, and all of a sudden a nice sized wasp flew over and landed on the fretboard of my fretted SX Jazz Bass which was leaning in my little guitar rack next to the wall. It crawled around on the E string of the first fret, then crawled onto the headstock and hung around there for a while, crawling around one of the tuners. Then BZZT! it rocketed up and bounced off the ceiling, then fell on the floor. A minute or so later, it was crawling on another bass I had in the rack- an Ibanez 5 string. After about 2 minutes of that, it flew past me and landed on the headstock of my fretless SX jazz bass (yes, i have a “thing” for cheap basses… But they’re great for the price.) which was leaning against my keyboard.

Of all of the instruments in the room, the wasp found the three basses (and managed to skip over the couple of guitars and all kinds of other things in the room)… COINCIDENCE?! I wonder what could have attracted it. The light maple color perhaps?

Due to its obvious taste in musical instruments, I couldn’t bring myself to smash the wasp. I kindof pushed it onto my keyboard and put a glass over it. Then i sprung it up into the glass by catapulting it with one of the keys. I put a plastic lid over the bottom of the glass, took it outside, and released it.

Though it will probably sting the snot out of me the next time it sees me outside, I am happy to have been visited by the wasp who loved bass…

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