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One of the more exciting reasons to visit jaycraft.net is to watch my new avocado plant grow.  Using the wonderful EvoCam by Evological, i decided to put my G4 cube to additional use by attaching an iSight camera to it and pointing it my newly growing avocado plant.  Evocam is nice because it lets you capture pictures at any interval and transfer them anywhere via secure ftp.  It's also nice enough to assemble handy time lapse movies of any length you desire.  

I decided to put the captured frame in a Sandvox pagelet (as you can see on the sidebar).  Starting now, the first time lapse movie is available for viewing.  Very interesting how much avocado plants reach for light, especially in less than optimal conditions (like sitting next to a bright window but with little overhead light).  This is actually the second plant, it's in the same pot and is about a year old.  I'll probably move the younger one to its own pot this weekend so it doesn't have to share...

(Disclaimer: I know very little about growing green things, except in plastic containers in my refrigerator...)

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