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Dream Cinema


Out of the darkness                           your little light starts shining            Just when I feel so sure                     You turn your lovelight down again

Baby when you're with me            who do you think you're foolin?    Just when I feel so sure,                You turn your lovelight down again

(did it again, did it again)

Like a lot of other people, I like to hit the snooze button a few times before it actually wins the battle and I get up in the morning.  I've noticed that if I lay on my back and relax, I'll often have particularly vivid dreams, sometimes even lucid dreams, in the 10 minute snooze interval between the alarms.  I seem to have a pretty good chance of remembering these dreams as well.  

I call it Dream Cinema, because it feels like I'm closing my eyes and tuning to a short, random "dream movie"... Sometimes it's even entertaining...

This morning I had a dream that I was in a record store looking for something... And there was a man there doing a survey.  So he had me listen to some music on a pair of headphones, and he had some kind of survey pad that looked like a spiral bound notebook with a bunch of tattered lined paper in it.  I listened to snippets of several songs, and I recognized one of the vocalists as Lewis Taylor.  That's all I remembered from the dream... But when i woke up I was compelled to check out the latest news on this artist (I own several of his albums but haven't listened to his songs in a while).

So the first thing I did after getting out of bed was go to www.lewistaylormusic.com and see if there was any news.  I didn't see anything new so I decided to check the forums...  And there are several rumors of him "leaving" the music business or retiring... Which i certainly hope aren't true!  But then I saw a link to the myspace page for another UK artist by the name of "Robbie Williams" that was covering one of Lewis' tunes.  Lovelight.  I listened to a couple of the remixes and focused on the lyrics.  They described a current situation in my life perfectly. 

To read this note is a fool's folly.